Tiziano Martini


6.5.2017 > 7.6.2017



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A+B gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition FIRNT with new works by TIZIANO MARTINI (1983 in Solatu, D), the artist’s second solo show with the gallery. In “Monsieur Fanta!”, May 2015, he saw the world premiere presentation of the works did with the technique “in contact” calls then “Monotypes”. Technical never abandoned by the artist who has worked uninterruptedly for two years in his studio in Val di Zoldo and that has seen him exhibit in group shows in Milan, Copenhagen and Cologne.

Firn is the name that is given to the perfect snow with glittering crystals and thin that you can find for a few days at the end of the season, in May, from a certain altitude in the Alps and not every year. The firn comes from a process of snowy sediment transformation. The modification of the crystal determines a new compactness and a new form. Tiziano Martini lives the mountain as a free skier. He grew up in Val di Zoldo, close to the Dolomite peaks. The firn is the best time to enjoy this sport and the mountain.

FIRNT is the name of the transformation process that arises from pressure, from the mold and from evaporation. The Tiziano Martini paintings monotypes are born from exactly the same pressure process, mold and evaporating for drying acrylic pigments. The temporary nature that characterizes the apical time of firn is equivalent to the artist’s feelings while working in the studio. The time of firn is a transient feeling, volatile, which transforms the feeling of closeness to the mountains in the euphoria and emotion.