The body can be sensed through a climatic imprint. The group exhibition Warm reflects on this topic and intertwines the research of eight European artists about physicality. The artworks on display reincarnate tears, emotions, and odors. Cooled materials keep releasing and demanding warmth. This interplay of temperature and distance echoes the contemporary nature of environmental perception.



Francesca Cornacchini (Roma, 1991), Sof├Ča Durrieu (Buenos Aires, 1980), Stefano Giuri (Neviano, 1991), Davide Mancini Zanchi (Urbino 1986), Viola Relle (Budapest, 1992), Markus Saile (Stuttgart, 1981), Flora Temnouche (Saint Dizier F, 1995), Anna Virnich (Berlin, 1984).

Text by Gabriele Tosi

Opening Wednesday June 5th, 6pm

Visit from 6 June to 15 September, from Thursday to Saturday, 3 / 7 pm and by appointment.

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