Marco Neri


Marco Neri was born in Forlì, in 1968. He is the winner of Licini Award 2021 and his solo show at Licini Museum, in December 2021, will be accompained with a cataloque of his works.




A+B Solo show

2021: Discooter De Pictura

Marco Neri is one of the few Italian artists who has remained faithful to painting, his inseparable companion for more than 30 years.
He changes formats and techniques, which are used to bring out the landscapes to the point of abstraction. Sometimes he paints silhouettes of figures that, like us, travel against a background as black and dark as night. In his works, we can observe the architecture and windows that occupy the space of the canvases.
Neri, aware of the age-old tradition of painting, seeks to renew it in order to arrive to a new way of making art.
Neri’s formal and subjective research is a constant in his works.
The artist succeeds in achieving it thanks to the surprising variations applied to motifs and colour ranges, which lead him to a passionate intensity.






Artslife, Marco Neri vince la prima edizione del Premio Osvaldo Licini ad Ascoli Piceno, Massimo Mattioli, July 31st 2021