11.02.2023 > 18.03.2023

Text by Jessica Bianchera

Press release


A+B Gallery presents Soundproof, the first solo show by Jacopo Mazzonelli in the gallery’s spaces.
Jacopo Mazzonelli bases his research on the interpretation and visualization of the sound dimension through sculptures, installations and performances. The artist investigates the border zone between visual arts and music, using techniques and methodologies borrowed from different disciplines, but always rely on a deconstruction and reconstruction (conceptual, linguistic or physical) of the complex sound universe. The most important aspect of his work is the “musical gesture”, based on an investigation of the perception of rhythm and the becoming of time.

The exhibition offers a selection of new works, in which we can observe a deep interest in the similarities that exist between musical structures and geometric forms.
In particular, the artist’s research focuses on the dialogue between the abstract speculation of geometry and the concretization of geometric archetypes in the physical world.
Mazzonelli finds a perfect correspondence between these two aspects: the sound, apparently diaphanous and immaterial, turns out to be extremely plastic and three-dimensional when its structural aspects are deeply investigated. Going back to the basic elements of the musical score and its analytical approach, Mazzonelli inaugurates a fascinating cycle on Platonic solids. According to classical tradition, these solids would constitute – due to their regularity and irreducibility – the first elements of cosmological construction: their metric properties were the subject of many mathematicians and artists’ studies from the Renaissance (including Piero Della Francesca, one of the fathers of perspective construction of three-dimensional space in the two-dimensional surface of the painting).
For the new series of works, the artist uses velvet curtains, which not only add a new pictorialism to the sculptural works, but also includes an elegant dialogue with A+B Gallery’s frescos.


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