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18.2.2017 > 21.3.2017

Davide Mancini Zanchi has a nonchalant and mocking approach that dissolves objects and materials. His artistic career began in 2010 with a series of video performances in which body is related with everyday life and living space. His investigation is mainly articulated around the relationship between object and painting understood as the physical plane of action and scenarios production.

In sports BOX is the place where technology and strategy are developed. It is a nomadic place, which tracks the racing calendar, and it is the place where the performance is recorded and analyzed in all varieties. It is the place of the obsessive control of each element, nothing is left to chance, everything is designed to the result.

Choosing BOX as the exhibition title and implementing thin space change strategies, Davide Mancini Zanchi invites the viewer to enter a place that cancels the gallery. The materials used for this exhibition derives from scientific research applied to the artist’s own technology which is used in the painter’s atelier from the Renaissance to the present days: the frame on which the canvas tents.

Davide Mancini Zanchi thinks that employ scientific and technological new results to the artist’s making process means undertake a way that asks which are methods and standards to be implemented to achieve a particular result in arts. BOX is therefore the basic question about the result itself that the artist poses with his proceeding.

DAVIDE MANCINI ZANCHI (Urbino, 1986). He graduated in 2012 at Urbino Academy, from 2011 he exhibited in many private spaces and public museums for solo and group exhibitions, including the future exhibition at NATIONAL GALLERY OF MARCHE in March 2017 and the recent exhibition at Livorno MUSEUM FATTORI in 2016, the group exhibition “Che il vero possa confutare il falso” works from AGI VERONA COLLECTION, Versus at GALLERIA CIVICA DI MODENA, and Memories at VILLA MANIN, both by Andrea Bruciati; collective CIY, curated by Claudia Buizza and Pietro Della Giustina, at VILLE BELVILLE in Paris, the exhibition Primavera 3 bY Valentina Mayer e Jane Koh, Frederic Lacroix Gallery, Paris. Prizes such as San Paolo Invest at PRIZE TREVIGLIO 2016, the MAC price PREMIO LISSONE 2014 in Lissone, edited by Alberto Zanchetta and in 2011 the prize PESCHERIA.