Michele Lombardelli

Sequenza dissonante / Dissonant Sequence

Text by Alfredo Sigolo / download italian version

19.01.2019 > 22.02.2019


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Michele Lombardelli (Cremona 1968) will present a series of large paintings in his solo show at the A+B gallery. This new series of works connect the western and eastern reductionist traditions in a way that is never completely investigated. Dark and elusive geometrical shapes are painted on the canvas. This is the artist’s first experience with large paintings and it represents a turning point in his conceptual and technical research. Lombardelli is an out-of-the-box artist. During his career he tried a lot of different techniques : painting, drawing, sculpture, installations and graphics. Using the pseudonym “Untitled Noise” he also experimented a lot with music. Even though he has various resources, he always refers to Samuel Beckett’s issues, such as: disintegration of the self and incommunicability. “Lessness” is the best world to describe his subtractive attitude and deconstructive approach to reality. The exhibition is a kind of accomplishment of these topics.

Michele Lombardelli (Cremona 1968) is an eclectic artist, musician, collector and editor. His visual research is moved by an analytic attitude that investigates “the unsolved” and “the undefined” following the ideas of Samuel Beckett.
Among his personal exhibition the most important are: La Rada (Locarno); Sala delle Colonne, Corbetta, (Milan); MOT International (London); AMT (Milano); Bonelli Contemporary (Los Angeles); A+M bookstore (Milan); MAC (Lissone).
His works were also exposed in: Museo MA*GA (Gallarate); Assab One (Milan); CeSAC (Caraglio); Chateau de Chillon (Montreaux); La Triennale museum(Milano).
His artist books were exposed in some institutions, such as: Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna (Rome); Casa del Mantegna (Mantova); Musée Cantonal Des Beaux Arts (Lausanne); Museo MA*GA (Gallarate); La Triennale (Milan).
With Luca Scarabelli he published: Untitled Noise, LP with Die Schachtel editions.