Michele Lombardelli – Luca Scarabelli

curated by Rossella Moratto


16.12.2017 > 10.2.2018

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So far, yet so close. Michele Lombardelli (1968) and Luca Scarabelli (1965) are stylistically distant, but close in the common attitude to a partial proposition, laterality and dissonance, which are also the characteristics of common musical experimentations named Untitled Noise. Lombardelli is a painter: his paintings are enigmatic presences between abstraction and figuration: the forms are synthesized in lines that inhabit the vibrant colors of the surface of subdued tones. Scarabelli while uses painting, collage, and assemblage: his objects are familiar but at the same time extraneous, incongruous presences in everyday life without apparent purpose, governed by a different logic that leads to the unexpected. Both practice the experience of failure as a deviation from the path traced. They work on the edge, proceeding for lateral paths. The rule is that of error that becomes open to unexpected territories.

Michele Lombardelli (1968), artist, musicien and publisher. His work is characterized by a contamination between painting and language of sound whitin a poetics that touches the unfinished and unresolved. He is author of important artist books published and exhibited by institutions: the National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome; Casa del Mantegna, Mantua; Musée Cantonal Des Beaux Arts, Lausanne; MA*GA Museum, Gallarate; La Triennale, Milan. These publications include: “A voice comes to one in the dark”, a monograph published by Sputnik Edition, Bratislava in 2010; “General”, project realized with Vincenzo Cabiati, Armin Linke, Amedeo Martegani, Luigi Presicce published by A + M Bookstore in 2011. A selection of Solo shows: Sala delle Colonne, Corbetta, Milan; MOT International, London; AMT | Torri & Geminian, Milan; Bonelli Contemporary, Los Angeles; A + M bookstore, Milan; MAC Lissone. He exhibited also at MA*GA, Gallarate; Assab One, Milan; CeSAC, Caraglio; Chateau de Chillon, Montreaux; La Triennale, Milan. The double LP from Die Schachtel was published with Untitled Noise.

Luca Scarabelli (1965) His artistic activity is developed with a continuous experimentation through object sculptures, collage and painting, with particular attention to the relationship of formal systems and the minimum and intimate contact / assembly with the elements, with a particular attention to the indifference of the gaze and the dialectic between order and disorder. His is active from the nineteen. Here a selection of solo and group exhibitions: Dimora Artica (Milano), Space4235 (Genova), MAC (Lissone), Fondazione Bandera (Busto A.), O’ (Milano), SRISA (Firenze), MARS (Milano), Galleria Maria Cilena (Milano), 91 mq (Berlin), La Rada (Locarno), Amste (Lissone), Museo Riso (Palermo), La rada (Locarno), PROGR (Bern), Assab One (Milano), Museo Maga (Gallarate), riss(e) (Varese), MACT/CACT (Bellinzona), Forum Stadtpark (Graz), Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts (Lousanne), Casabianca (Bologna), Viafarini (Milano), Juliet (Trieste), Neon (Bologna), Galleria Leonardi V-Idea (Genova), Galleria ERHA (Milano), Galleria Martano (Torino), Care Of (Cusano Mil.). Nel 2014 fonda e dirige lo spazio espositivo “Surplace” a Varese. Con Untitled Noise è stato pubblicato il doppio LP da Die Schachtel.