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Nazzarena Poli Maramotti

19.05.2018 > 23.06.2018

Comunicato Stampa ITA / Press Release ENG

Articoli: ATP DIARY / MUSE CONTEMPORANEE / Articolo sul Giornale dell’Arte 7.06.2018


For “Unterwasser” (translated “Underwater”) the artist arrives at the exhibition after a long period of research on the landscape theme. In it the artist finds the natural subject to place oneself in a middle territory where she reformulates the obsolete categories of figuration and abstraction.

The recent paintings have been defined by Davide Ferri as “characterized by swirling atmospheric coagulates, discontinuous rhythm of gestures and brushstrokes that may be quick and wide, heavy or light, continuous and syncopated, liquid or solid (as if more than a coherent and organic organization space a map of forces, the paintings were sample swathes of actions and gestures that incessantly reveal the steps in their internal processes and the movements of the body at the front of the painting, or the painting itself, which may be painted vertically but also – in certain moments – horizontally), Poli Maramotti’s works are permeated by a centripetal energy that brings the forms and figures (among which, those that may most easily be ascribed to the real word: male and female presences, rocks, plants, trees, hills and valleys) to develop and concentrate at the edges or along the bottom as if some force of gravity were dragging them down below the bottom of a very low horizon, a thickening (of figures at the edges) countered by greater volatility in the central space capable of enlivening images that open like stacks of clouds in a corner of a limpid blue sky.”

Nazzarena has just concluded a solo exhibition at the Academy of Nuremberg, for which her monographic catalog was published with a critical text by Davide Ferri and an interview by Susanne Kühn.

Nazzarena Poli Maramotti (Montecchio Emilia, 1987) lives and works in Nuremberg.

Graduated in painting at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste Nurnberg and all’Accademia di Belle Arti of Urbino.

Selection of recent exhibitions: 2018 “Debütantenausstellung 2018” (solo show, catalog and prize), Accademy of Nuremberg; 2017 “Moto ondoso stabile” curated by Davide Ferri, Z2O Sara Zanin Gallery, Roma; “Fuocoapaesaggio” curated by Gianluca D’Incà Levis and Giovanna Repetto, Forte di Monte Ricco, Pieve di Cadore, 2016 “La gorgiera del tempo” curated by Alberto Zanchetta, Museo d’arte Contemporanea, Lissone; 2015 “Wanderdüne 57°38’53”N 10°24’22”E” (solo show) curated by Rossella Moratto, AplusB Gallery, Brescia; 2014 “Muta” (solo show), Zumikon Lounge, Nuremberg; 2013 “Collector’s View” curated by Herbert Martin, Oechsner Galerie, Nuremberg; 2012 “Prospekt/ Vorhang auf…” Neues Museum, Nuremberg