11. Simon Laureyns, Skinny Dipping view
Simon Laureyns
Skinny Dipping

30.06.2018 > 29.09.2018


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26.03.2017, Rotterdam

It’s a blue one, yeah, I came home just for one day, as you were coming over. Frank is fishing. We’re there out a lot, it’s not far from the appartement, aproximately 40 minutes. Everything should be in the bag. That’s what Frank told me.


05.04.2017, Wervik

You can go to the garage in the back of the garden, my husband is there. It’s already an old one, but it’s still complete. Sticks are with it too. Don’t forget to close the door.


16.04.2017, Brussels

No problems to find it? Yeah, a lot of people end up on the other side of the river. They recently changed the driving directions in our street, but it’s not in maps yet. Anyhow, you made it. I also have a second one which I would like to show you. Okay, no problem, I understand if you don’t like the colour. If you turn left at the end of the street, then right, then right again, and at the end you take the second on the roundabout, then you should be fine. Good luck with it.


25.05.2017, Gent

We bought it second hand, about a year ago. But it’s the wrong size. It’s made for the S-type, but ours is the RC-type from 2010 and it’s slightly different. Oh, you don’t need the sticks? Okay then.

Omar Ulysiens


Simon Laureyns was born in Ghent (Belgium, 1979) where he graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of KASK.
Personal exhibitions: 2017 “Six Million Ways to Die”, A+B Gallery, Brescia, IT; 2015 “Bellos Horizontes”, LE CABANON/VOSSELARE PUT, Deinze, B; 2014 “Cover up the grey”, ROSSI CONTEMPORARY, Bruxelles, B.
Collective exhibition: 2018 “ZERO” group show with Daniel Buren and Renaud Regnery, Galerie Jérôme Pauchant, Parigi, FR; 2017 “Memories of an elephant” group show with Tamina Amadyar, Pierre Knop and Mathias Malling Mortensen, Kunsthaus, Essen, D; “Silent, genius at work!” duo show with Manor Grunewalld, GALERIE JEROME PAUCHANT, Paris, FR; “What about the color pink, do you like pink?”, GEUKENS & DE VIL GALLERY, Knobbe, BE; 2016 “(Idéale) Géographie”, une introducion, curated by Oliver Kosta-Théfaine, NOIRE GALLERY, Torino, IT; “Slash” curated by Gabriele Tosi, A+B GALLERY, Brescia, IT; Simon Laureyns invites Xavier Mary, GEUKENS & DE VIL GALLERY, Knobbe, BE; 2015 “Even a Birch can be Real” curated by Gabriele Tosi, A+B GALLERY, Brescia, IT; “Aoteroa, Loods 12”, WETTEREN, B. INCUBATE, Schowburg, Tilburg, N; “(Idéale) Géographie”, LE MOULIN DU ROC (CAC), Niort, F; “Volumes”, BERTHOLD POTT GALLER, Cologne, G; 2014 “Crox 479 Based Painting”, CROXHAPOX, Ghent, B; “Neighbours Vol. 1”, STUDIO MANOR GRUNWALD, Ghent, B; “The Young Ones”, SKI, Ghent, B.