1. Silvia Hell, Air, vista dell'installazione, 2018.

Born in Bolzano, 1983, lives and works in Milan, I. Painting Degree at Brera Accademy. Milan I.


My research situates in actions and ways of thinking, instituting forms of tension within method, between conventional objectivity of referent and original models of presentation and formalization of the Real. The resulting work proceeds through points of balance and test, oscillating to opposite extremes of thought and systems. For instance, in A Form of History the complex reconfigurations of Europe between 1861 and 2011 are subject to a political re-mapping aimed to convey a spectrum of values in a single aesthetic form with the clarity and simplicity of a visual intuition.




PORTFOLIO e biography:  ITA/ ENG




Exhibition at A+B: Solo show Increasing the wind pressure, 2018;  VRS (piano focale a soggetto mobile), 2015 / A form of history, 2011 / Group Show A Sandbox in the Desert, 2016Slash, 2016 / Even a Birch Can Be Real, 2015 / Oltre il pensiero. Quattordici ricerche attraverso la materia, 2013


Images Cleanland a project for Progetto Borca / Dolomiti  Contemporanee