Simon Laureyns, Silvia Hell, Niccolò Morgan Gandolfi

Curated by Gabriele Tosi

1.10.2016 > 12.11.2016

After Even a Birch Can Be Real and Slash, A+B Contemporary Art presents the third exhibition of a three collective project that involves the same three artists in exhibitions different by title, concept and works.

A Sandbox in the Desert deals with memory and change, expansion and stratification, horizontal and vertical. It deals with describing a sand setting in the desert, with fishing in the material history the clues of what is truly precious, with travelling to survive without the illusory assurances of what we already know, with building the signs of change as the only structure unscathed to real time. This is what A Sandbox in the Desert will exhibit: a collective where, once more, each artist will work on formats and means not jet shown in any of the other three-exhibition cycle. A Sandbox in The desert has to be seen as a floor exercise, where past and future are able to match and seep through.