Born in Perugia, 1988. Lives and works in Bologna (I). MA in painting at Bologna Fine Arts School.


Nicola’s research is about the rhetorical space inside the canvas, tracing a very thin line between perception and illusion.
In his painting he builds up structures that hardly look rooted to the ground, but which eventually gravitate around this image of architecture. We are confronted with shapes that are the result of geometrical mistakes; perceptual misunderstanding and chromatic vibrations, that suggest the idea of instability and incomprehension.
So you start to slowly observe the surface of the paintings and it’s like if you were inside a labyrinth. You need to study each shape in relation to one another many times, in order to understand if it is the right or the wrong way to go on.
Finally you understood that space here is just an illusionary void, but still the possibility to hold on to something is right behind the corner. Painting is an illusion but painting is beautiful.


Exhibition at A+B: Solo show  Actiniaria, 2014 / Group show One Minute of Truth, 2015 / Oltre il pensiero. Quattordici ricerche attraverso la materia, 2013