02.10.2022 > 19.11.2022

Press release


Davide Mancini Zanchi presents his fourth solo exhibition in A+B Gallery, the first after the publication of the monograph Monochrome and the solo show at Centro Arti Visive Pescheria. The artist will display two new series of works, with paintings and sculpture-objects.
The title DOMENICA (which means Sunday in italian) was born in retrospect, rethinking about how the ideas and works have been materialized.
The day of the sun – Sunday – is not a commanded holiday, nothing particular is planned and, during this slow day, also work is banished.
A sequence of works measuring 150×150 cm – ten oil-painted canvases in which Snake is the subject – will be exhibited in the gallery rooms. The artist uses the well-known game installed on all Nokia 3310, a symbol of a generation: a game of skill that, inexorably, ends. The game over is given by the overgrowth of the snake, which gradually fills the entire screen. In the sequence of canvases, there will be shown the traces of the entire game progression.
Mancini Zanchi also presents a series of terracotta works. The sculptures – real piggy banks – are designed to be ideally filled with coins and then destroyed to take the savings contained within. The sculptures need to be understood as a reversal of the ready-made: if in the act of Duchampian memory, an object was taken out of the everyday to become sculpture, in this case the sculptures are designed to leave the artistic sphere and enter the domestic one.
The piggy bank is an act of trust in the future, that describe a willingness to save money that we will be able to spend later. For this reason, it represents a suspended time, the waiting for the day of the sun, when we can finally break it and know if we are allowed to buy what we want.
Fil rouge of the artistic production presented here becomes time in its state of respite, waiting and stasis become the true content of the piggy bank and Sunday the most relevant container.
Alberta Romano’s text will be edited, published and presented on the day of the opening.

Davide Mancini Zanchi’s work very often focuses on paradox, focusing on social, cultural and anthropological mechanisms that are deconstructed and shown highlighting all their contradictions.