Davide Mancini Zanchi

Born in Urbino, 1987. Lives and works in Fermignano (I). Painting degree at Urbino Accademy.


Davide Mancini Zanchi BIOGRAPHY

Davide Mancini Zanchi PORTFOLIO


A+B Solo show:

2017, Box

2014, Blitzen Benz

2012, Ping -Pong…Pung


Group show:

2013, Oltre il pensiero. Quattordici ricerche attraverso la materia


His practice often takes shape in a polymorphic manner. David’s approach consists of repositioning and reinterpreting shape and items of the everyday life (apple,frame), consumer society (the tuning) or masterpieces of oeuvre Italian painting (Pala del Montefeltro and Polittico di Sant’Antonio by Piero della Francesca). His polymorphs often work against or are subjected to one another. In this sense, his works are permeable, connected and inclined towards an ideal, the vacuum of the original act that leads to reverse the meaning. Inspired by Jazz music which can be similar to a musical game, he emulates its flexibility and liquidity.