Osamu Kobayashi

Floating Head

Opening Saturday June 6th, 2020

visit from june 11th to september 19ht 2020

Thrusday > Saturday 3 / 7 pm

A+B is pleased to present the fourth solo show by Osamu Koabayshi at the gallery. The exhibition Floating Head is a special one. It’s the very first show at our new gallery space and it’s the outcome of a four months residency which took place in Brescia – accidentally – during the lockdown.
This suspended time is a common experience for the majority of the people in the world. Osamu Koabaysh painting is related to a process of reduction, sometimes playful, in response to the contest where he operates. “My work is a metaphor for how I see the world. The strokes I make, however precise, are not mechanical. It’s my hand making them, and its organic movement points to its humanness. After a stroke is made, I will go back into it with a fine brush and clean up the edges. The strokes are in an idealized state. I believe it’s an important part of life to believe that the improbable exists, even if it’s just in our minds”.


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