Osamu Kobayashi

He was born in Columbia, SC, 1984. He studied Visual Art in New York and Maryland. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Osamu Kobayashi, Portfolio



A+B Solo show:

2020, Floating head

2019, At Sea

2015, OK!

2012, Maze Haze


Group Show:

2013, Phasmes

2013. Oltre il pesiero. Quattordici ricerche attraverso la materia. 


Kobayashi’s painting are simple in color and form, often comprised of two to three essential color. There are bisections and intersections, and floating shapes in ephemeral, glowing color fields in some cascs, paint is applied thieckly, evokin our desire to touch. The forms are organic while remaining geometric, structured while at the same time stayin loos. His painigns are uncomplicated, but sophisticated explorations of the fundamental building blocks of design. (Kara Gunter text)