Tiziano Martini

Tiziano Martini was born in Soltau, in 1983. He lives and works in Val di Zoldo and got a MA in Painting in Venice Academy of Fine Arts.


Tiziano Martini, Portfolio


A+B Solo show:

2023, Andreae

2017, Firnt,

2015, Monsieur Fanta!


Group Show:

2022, Dog in the window

2013, Oltre il pensiero

2013, Phasmes


Martini breaks down the gestural continuity of the creative act in the painting, experimenting different ways, times and materials in his multi-phase works. His paintings are like stratified visual fields, deeply marked by the perseverant need to deny a planned result, strongly decked to find the unexpected potential of complex, precarious and unique material conditions. His research celebrates many substantial features of painting but makes symbolic and narrative attention become redundant.
Many and different procedures are to be found on the space described on the frame. Through the artist’s action, the colorful matter creates various transformations because of its physical and chemical features. Simultaneously, work time and space are somehow recorded on the artwork, whose almost absorbent nature can potentially be sediment of bordering matters and gestures.
The ludic rawness of this inclination intensifies the character of the compositional elements. The weight of the canvas could spread out the color, as much as gravity could play a significant role in creating the shapes in which the matters solidifies. Fleeing from what is said and repeated, the painter himself takes somehow distances from his work and becomes an instrument of it. Like a film director who leaves the supervision of the movie to become an operator and decides to manage the operations when a new amount of arbitrariness is needed in order to proceed. (Gabriele Tosi text)