Born in 1979, Belgium. Lives and works in Ghent.

The practice in the studio and practice of the world are moments that remain distinct, but that influence incessantly. A relationship that is also the one between the artist and the definition of a space for the image. This manifests itself in Simon Laureyns works. The artist maps the places for poster advertising in the city of Ghent, where he lives, by controlling the recycling of posters. Once they are layered enough, Laureyns waiting for the rain to disconnect a single mass, roll them and take them in the studio. In the closed materials are compounds, mounted on canvas and then stretched in a frame. The exposure of the back, made of glue on the billboard blue, as if it were a complaint made by a silent rebellion against the condensing uniqueness of advertising images, opens a space open and manifold. Here the perception meets a vent field of its mnemonic potential, visual and imaginative.

Portfolio 2018

Simon Laureyns CV 

Exhibition at A+B: Solo show: Skinny Dipping, 2018 / Six Milions Ways To Die, 2017 / Group show Even A Birch Can Be Real, 2015 / Slash, 2016